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Filler Rules

Filler Rules

Updated over a week ago

At a Glance: This feature allows you to fill in multiple values based on some variables for offers and publishers. You can select a variable name and the offers that you would like to enter data for.

To set this feature, you need to navigate to Automation > Filler Rules in the menu.

Adding Filler rule

To add a filler rule, click on 'Add New' and a form will appear on the right side allowing you to create the rule.

Fill in all the details mentioned in the form such as:

1. Name: This field will have the name of the Rule that you want to set.
2. Variable: In this section, you can choose the variable from the list provided. Variables that can be filled are:

* App ID
* App Name

* Source

* Sub Source

* Creative Name
* P2-p10

3. Country: In this field, you can select the relevant country from which the data originates.
4. Publisher: In this field, you can select the publisher for whom you'd like to enter the data.
5. Campaign: In this field, you can choose the campaign for which you'd like to enter the data.
6. Advertiser: In this field, you can select an advertiser of the same campaign that you have chosen in the campaign field.

Force Override

  • If Force Override checkbox is enabled, Filler-Rule will add/replace the value - regardless if the value already exists or not.

  • If the checkbox is disabled, the URL will remain unchanged if the value already exists. However, if the value is not present, it will be added by Filler Rule.

Note: Values can either be manually entered or you can upload a CSV file.

Simple is for manual feature:

1. Filler Value: In this section, you can set a value to add/replace the publisher value in the URL.
2. Weight: Weight indicates the percentage of variables that should be applied.

For example: There are three variables in the source - test, test1 and test2. If we assign 10% value to test, 20% value to test1 and 70% value to test2, then when we receive 100 clicks, 10 of them will have a source value of test, 20 will have a source value of test 1 and 70 will have a source value of test 2.

Advanced is for CSV upload feature: After selecting a file, you can upload it directly and the information will automatically coordinate with the form.

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