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mparticle Integration
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At a glance: This article explains the steps to integrate mparticle with Trackier


mParticle is a customer data platform (CDP) and a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that provides businesses with the ability to collect, manage, and unify customer data from various sources. It is designed to help organizations gather valuable insights about their customers' behavior and preferences, which can be used for marketing, analytics, and personalization efforts.

Marketing teams, data analysts, and product managers frequently use mParticle to optimise customer engagement, personalise marketing efforts, and improve the overall customer experience. It aims to make customer data management and utilisation easier in today's complex digital landscape.

Integration Setup

Step 1

If the integration is made available, it will be available in the integration section of the panel.

Through this integration, Trackier will be able to receive IDFA and GAID.

On your Trackier platform, go to the Automation section > Tools. Click on the configuration button under the mparticle integration section.

Step 2

There is certain information available on this page which needs to be shared with mparticle to enable this integration.

1. Key: The "Key" is likely an authentication or API key. It's a unique identifier or token that allows mParticle to securely communicate with Trackier's platform. This key ensures that the integration is authorized and secure.

2. Account ID: The "Account ID" is a unique identifier associated with the ad agency's account or instance on Trackier's platform. It helps mParticle direct data to the correct destination within Trackier. It's crucial for routing data to the right account and campaign.

3. URL: The "URL" is the endpoint or web address where mParticle should send data to Trackier. It specifies the location where data should be delivered.

These values will be available in the integration page itself and they need to be shared with the mParticle for the integration.

These values are part of the integration setup process and are used to establish a connection between mParticle and Trackier, allowing for the exchange of data, including user identifiers IDFA and GAID, which can be used for tracking and attribution in advertising campaigns.

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