Revenue share Campaign
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At a glance: This article is a brief knowledge about revenue share campaigns and a step-wise guide on how you can create them.

Revenue share campaigns are those campaigns where the revenue amount is shared by the advertiser while firing the postback, the objective of this kind of campaign is CPS(cost per sale) and the revenue is either calculated as per sale amount or it can be fixed depending on the requirement.

As you can see in the above Image, the sale amount and revenue amount are shared by the advertiser in the postback, in order to reflect the same in the conversion report you will need to follow a few steps as described below:

After creating the campaign with the CPS objective, choose the Payout Revenue Calculation Parameter as "Revenue" from the campaign settings, and It will allow you to calculate the revenue and sale amount according to the Revenue sent by the Advertiser.

After this, please go to Manage Payout and Goals settings, edit the payout and revenue, and set the revenue to 100, it will take the whole revenue amount as same as sent by the advertiser.

In the payout section, add the percentage of the payout as per your agreement with the advertiser.

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