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How is a sale amount calculated?
How is a sale amount calculated?

How sale amount is calculated?

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At a Glance: This article helps you understand how the sale amount, or your revenue and payout, is being calculated.

When working with a CPS campaign, you have to specify the revenue and payout in percentages if your advertiser sends a sale amount through the postback using the sale_amount parameter.

Calculation of sale amount

Here is how the computation will be carried out:

Assuming that the advertiser records a conversion with a sale amount of $100 and you have set your revenue and payout as:

  1. Revenue = 60%

  2. Payout = 40%

Then your revenue will be 60% of the sale amount, which will be:

60% of $100 = $60

And the same method will be applied to the payout, which is 40% of the sale amount:

40% of $100 = $40

Therefore, your revenue and payout from a $100 conversion will be:

  • Revenue = $60

  • Payout = $40

Based on the sale_amount you are receiving, you can adjust your revenue percentage and adjust the publisher's payout percentage accordingly.

The revenue can be set to 100% if you own the entire commission in sale_amount.

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