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ZID Integration

ZID Integration

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At a glance: This article would provide knowledge about how you can integrate Zid e-commerce with the Trackier panel.

Zid is a burgeoning e-commerce platform based in Saudi Arabia. If you or your advertisers are utilizing Zid and wish for orders processed through Zid to also be visible on your Trackier panel, this guide will assist you in configuring the integration.

Integration Steps for Zid

Step 1: Partner Account Setup with Zid

The first step is to register on the Zid platform as a partner account.

Step 2: App Creation

Navigate to the "My Apps" section and generate a tracking link app. Upon app creation, you will receive an authorization endpoint, client ID, and client secret in the General settings.

Step 3: Application Scope Configuration

Define the application scope according to your requirements, whether it's read-only, read/write, etc. Additionally, you'll receive an application URL for marketing purposes, along with redirection and callback URLs. Metadata, including icons, can also be entered on this page.

Step 4: Webhook Management

Upon installation of your app on Zid, you'll receive a notification through this webhook. Hence, you can subscribe to Webhook for the same purpose.

Step 5: Creating a Script

Your technical team will create a script utilizing the endpoint provided in the Zid documentation. An auth token is passed in the authorization, generated using the client ID and client secret, to identify our application. The script body includes Trackier's web SDK pixel.

Step 6 : Injecting a Script

Approval from Zid support team is required to inject the script through the interface. You can ask for approval through the chat support on Zid's platform. Once injected, this code will be triggered upon order placement or purchase. Since it includes the Trackier pixel, the purchase order will also be recorded on the Trackier panel.

Need Instant Resolution?

We want to assure our customers that Trackier provides an in-house customer support team, available for instant query resolution. You can reach out to us via email at or directly engage with our in-house agents through our live chat feature.

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