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Amazon Integration

Amazon Integration

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At a Glance: By integrating Amazon and Trackier, you can seamlessly connect your Amazon store to your Trackier platform. This integration utilizes a conversion fetch API, making it easy to retrieve conversion data from Amazon.


Amazon integration with Trackier allows you to easily track and manage your Amazon affiliate campaigns. This integration enables you to seamlessly connect your Amazon account with Trackier, giving you access to real-time data and analytics for your campaigns.

With this integration, you can easily track clicks, conversions, and revenue generated from your Amazon affiliate links.

For instance, you have recently made a purchase directly from the Amazon store, while I make purchases through Amazon using a tracking link. When we request conversions from Amazon, they provide us with a comprehensive list of all conversions and we are able to select our own conversions. The information provided by Amazon includes a click ID for each conversion, which we use to track and bring to our panel. If a click ID is not present, it indicates that the conversion is organic, and we disregard it.

Note: The Amazon integration will only function on the website and not on the app.

Amazon Integration

Setting up Amazon Integration

To set up the Amazon integration, go to the Automation tab and select E-Commerce. From there, click on Integration and choose Amazon integration.

E-Commerce Tracking

Here are a few steps you will need to complete in order to integrate with Amazon:

Enable: In order to activate the integration, you will need to enable the button.

Username: The amazon store will be the one to provide the username.

Password: The Amazon store will be the one for providing the password to retrieve the conversions.

Store ID: The amazon store will be the one to provide the store ID.

Note: The conversion is retrieved from the store ID provided by Amazon. The password for the store ID will only be provided by Amazon.

Date: This section displays the actual dates and times of the logs.

Message: You will find the logs here that show which conversions were retrieved and which ones were not. Only conversions received through our tracking link will be counted. Any organic conversions, meaning those not through our tracking link, will unfortunately not be received. All these information will be displayed in the messages.

Note 1: The key thing to note is that the data we receive is from the previous day, but we make sure to map it accordingly. For example, if today is the 25th of June and we receive information from the 24th of June, we will map it on the panel with the corresponding date of the 24th of June.

Note 2: When we receive data, the transaction ID is not being passed along. So, if a customer cancels an order, we need a transaction ID in our panel for our client's reference. To do this, we take the click ID and add the sale amount, and then display it as the transaction ID.

Amazon Integration

Note: Please ensure that you include your store ID in the default URL against the Tag parameter.

For instance, if the store ID is a01hbrc-12, the corresponding URL would be:{click_id}

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