Need to set different payouts for different publishers. Trackier gives you the free hand to control the payouts of all the publishers separately. Either it based on the Goals or not, you can set the payout for publishers in any currency that you want to choose.

How to add Specific Payout?

Step 1:

You can set the publisher-specific payout anytime you want. Just find the Manage Payout&Goals tab in the campaign. The reference attached below. Once you have clicked on this tab, move to Step 2.

Step 2:

Find the Publisher Specific payout option from the list that you will find on the left side of the webpage. once you click on that you will see all the payouts that you have set till now for any publisher. If there are no details, then you can simply add the details either by clicking on Action >> New Payout or simply by clicking on the +Add New payout option on the page.

Step 3:

A form will appear on the right side of the screen where you will need to add all the required details related to the publishers and simply hit the Save button, once the details are added.

1. Publishers - Select the Publisher for which you want to add the payout.

2. Goal - If you want to add any goal-specific Payout, then you can select the goal from this section. If you want to add for a default goal select it as "--".

3. Currency - You have the option to choose any currency that you want for your publishers.

4. Payout - This will be the part where you will be needed to add the amount for your publisher that you have chosen.


Additional Filter - If you want to add any Filter for the payout, you can select this option through the checkbox.

-Variable: In this section, you will be allowed to select any variable, on that basis you will select the Values in the next part.
-Allowed Values: You have to enter the variable values in this section, according to these values the payout function will work.


6. Revenue - If you wish to add the revenue for it, you can set that as well.

7. Country -  Select the country for which you want the publisher to be charged with. The publisher will be charged with the payout that you have set when the conversions are bound with the country that you will select in this section. If you want to allow all the countries simply select "ALL".

8. Landing Pages (Optional) - You will get all the landing pages that are added in the campaign in the drop-down list, once you will click on this section. You can select and make the payout specifically valid for any particular landing page.

Advanced Rule - If you want to set a certain rule for the publishers, this is the section where you will add it. The payout will be valid for the publisher only when this rule will be satisfied.

Once you add all the necessary details in the form, don't forget to click on SAVE.