This section will guide you step by step process to take your API integration live. Trackier have more than 120+ API integration already available that account admins can use.


With this, you can fetch offers automatically from the Advertiser tracking platform to the Trackier platform

Integration flow


To start the Integration process be Ready with the below details, which you will get from Advertiser.

  • API Key
  • Username/password If required
  • Ask advertiser to approve Offer in API

  • On Trackier Platform, go to Automation > Integration > Network > +Add New > Search for required Integration > +Add

Setup API Details

  • Enter the required details in the fields below

  • API key / Token: Enter the API Key shared by the advertiser.
  • Affiliate ID: Enter the affiliate ID
  • Network ID: Enter the network ID 
  • Append to URL: This will add parameters and macro combinations automatically in the tracking link. Find a list of Trackier macros for Advertiser Integration here.

Setup Basic Details

  • Advertiser: Select the advertiser with whom you are doing this integration. 
  • Category: You can select a category in which all offers should be considered, although if the advertiser is sending us the category in API we use that by default.
  • Imported Offers Status: This will change the status of offers coming on Trackier.
  • Imported Offers Visibility: It will decide the visibility of offers coming via API to the publisher
    • Private: Only the assigned publishers can see these offers.
    • Permission: Publishers can see the offer but to take it to live, they need to ask permission.
    • Public: Publishers will have access to all the campaigns and can generate a tracking link anytime.
  • The ratio of payout /Revenue: You can set a ratio of payout (for publisher) that to be maintained for the fetched offers, you can keep it the same for all or can create Tier wise for different publisher tier payout ratio.
  • You can publisher specific payouts as well. All you need to do is enter the publishers name and the payout value

Filter Setup

In this step, you can filter out offers based on different criteria. this will help you to fetch only relevant offers.

  • Country Logic: You can block or allow certain country offer coming in API.
  • Min Payout: You can set the min payout range that you want to fetch.
  • Max Payout: You can set the max payout range that you want to fetch.
  • OS: You can fetch certain device offers  (All / Android / iOS).
  • Offers Model to Import: Through this, you can import the required type of offer objective ( CPL, CPA, CPI, CPS, etc).
  • Skip offers without preview URL:  If you enable this then any offer coming via API which doesn't have a preview URL will be skipped.
  • Choose the OS between Android, iOS and all
  • You can add a new geo filter specifying the country name and min and max payouts 

Integration Setting

In this section, you can save time by selecting certain columns to get updated when API refreshes.

  • Import Frequency: You can adjust the API refresh time from here.
  • Integration Status: If you want to disable or make any integration active again, you can do this from this section. 
  • Updatable Columns: Offers fetched via API will be refreshed and updated each time if you want certain columns to not get updated when API refresh then uncheck the required one.
  • Redirect Type -  Redirect is a way to send both users and search engines to a different URL from the one originally requested. You can set this as 302 (Moved temporarily), 200 ok (No redirect) and so on.
  • Campaign Primary Objective - It could be CPA, CPI, CPC etc
  • Override Campaign Currency - This will set the default currency for all your campaigns imported via that network.
  • Cap Settings: Define global cap settings on all campaigns picked via API integrations.
    • Add CAP to imported campaigns: You can add CAP in the campaigns as soon as they are created in the Trackier panel. This option will allow you to set the CAP event.
    • Cap Visibility: Define whether the Cap will be visible to your publishers or not via Cap Visibility option.
    • CAP Type: If any CAP is added by you in the above section, you can set whether it has to be added on gross value or the approved value.
    • CAP Timezone: Set the timezone for the CAP through this section. Once selected, the CAP will work for that particular timezone.
    • Cap Over Delivery: You can use this option to define whether the Campaign should update to paused state or remain active when the cap has been reached.
    • Time Targeting: Set up Time Targeting and define the time zone against the same.
  • Incase you want to add additional CAP settings which will be applied on imported campaigns via this integration only enable the button and enter CAP value, timezone and CAP over delivery.


Use a combination of basic details and updatable columns to keep the API visibility and status changed based on manual changes only, along with the API refresh rate.

View Offers

This section will help you to filter and fetch only those offers which are relevant for you.


  • If you select certain offers, then only those offers will be fetched on Trackier and only those will be checked when API refreshes.
  • If you want all offers to be fetched, then do not select any particular offer and move to the next step to review the API setup.

Review & Finalise

In this section, please review each setting carefully and click 'Finish' to complete the integration process.


Once you press 'Finish', the campaign will be fetched via API and you can check the same on 'Manage Campaign' section. If you want to edit, update and check for logs and error you will find the same options on the API integration page itself.


API will instantly fetch offer based on the settings, If more offers are approved afterwards, then it will be fetched on next refresh based on the frequency set while creating integration on step 4.