This guide explains on getting started with Trackier Publisher API for Trackier publisher accounts.

The Trackier REST API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Trackier with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving campaigns, tracking links, conversions logs, and retrieving payouts and custom reports.

Creating an API Key

1. You can generate the Publisher API Key from your panel itself. Find that particular publisher in the Manage Publisher Section and there you will be able to generate the API key and URL for that publisher. This API key will help the publishers to get campaigns from the trackier panel to their panel. 


2. API keys can be created from within the application or you can talk to your account manager to get API key:

  • Log into the publisher panel and go to API from navbar, and click on the “API” tab.
  • f you don’t already have an API Key there will be a notice with a link to create one. Once you’ve created one, the page will display your private API Key.
  • You can also talk to your Account Manager about creating and obtaining your API Key

Whitelist IP Address

IP addresses can be whitelisted in the application: Hover over the Support tab in the Navigation Bar and click on the API link from the drop-down. There will be a box underneath your API Key to submit an IP address to the whitelist. Additional IP addresses can be added to the whitelist using the API method.

Making a Request

Your Network’s API Key is used to authenticate requests through the API. Every API request must have a valid API Key. When making an API Request, use your API Key as a header request with the parameter X-API-Key.

Example: Getting Campaign List

STEP I: Get your API key

STEP-II: See the documentation for endpoints, for our case, it is “/publisher/campaigns”

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