FAQs on Publisher API
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Q1. My publisher wants to retrieve campaigns, tracking links, conversions logs, payouts and custom reports from our trackier panel to their, How can we do this ?

From manage publishers section you can generate API key from the panel which will be visible on publisher's panel under API section.

Q2. My publisher tried fetching offers from the API, but some of the offers are not reflecting , please help how we can resolve this ?

First of all you have to check that offers that you are looking after are approved from your end for the publisher. Also you can hit the api link in the browser and check if such offer is reflecting in the API or not.

Incase offer is not found, then you can drop a mail at support@trackier.com by mentioning all the required details.

Q3. I want my publisher to access report, campaigns etc via API, How we can provide my publisher access via API ?

You can access the API docs through this link : https://docs.trackier.com/admin/#tag/Reports/operation/get-v2-reports-publisher

where you will be able to find endpoints for your publisher to share the specific data via the API.

For example :- You want to share performance report section with your publisher.

Endpoint for reports : https://api.trackier.com/v2/publishers/reports

You can share this endpoint with your publishers in order to provide access to your Performance report section.

We're thrilled to have put together a top-notch team of qualified experts who are available to handle any of your concerns and respond to any inquiries you may have. You can contact us at any time by sending an email to support@trackier.com or using the in-platform chat feature.

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