The promotion of a campaign can be done from any source of the traffic channel. It's important to target the right audience through the right channel for your campaign.


Now, segregating your campaigns based on the traffic channels is possible on Trackier. Let your publisher see and choose the campaigns based on the right channels allowed for your campaigns. To add and assign channels for your campaigns, follow the below steps.

How to add?

Find the Allowed Traffic Channel option in the Manage Campaigns and add a new channel for your campaigns.

Setup traffic channels

Once you click on Add Traffic Channel, a pop up will appear in front of you. Here you need to enter the string. Simply enter the channel name and hit the GO button to save the string.

Add traffic channels in campaigns

Once you add a Traffic Channel, you can assign it when you are creating a campaign next time.

If your campaign is already created, you can edit campaign details and add the appropriate channel for your campaign.