A more useful approach to make your publishers visible the key campaigns than other ones.

Now, you have the option to specify the featured campaigns in the panel, which will provide better clarity among all campaigns.


Only Public Campaigns can be added in the Feature Campaign list.

Follow the below steps to know how you can add the campaigns in the Feature list and how it will be shown in the Publisher interface.

Where to find?

Find the Feature Campaign section from the left sidebar on your panel under the Campaigns part. Then follow the steps as mentioned in the below picture.

NOTE: You can Add maximum 100 Campaigns in the Feature List.

Publisher interface

Once it is added in the Feature List, A section at the publisher end will be created and these campaigns will be shown over there. Check below how your publishers can access the Featured Campaigns.

It will be helpful to let your publishers know about the best performing campaigns and they can access such campaigns easily and quickly.

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