Goals basically help us to track multiple activities within a campaign that bring us revenue and thereby, also demand a certain payout. You can set up goals in any campaign, by going to "Manage Payout and Goals" option. 

Today, we are doing to be discussing a special use-case. Let's suppose you are running multiple CPI campaigns, and for each of them, you want to track the event 'deposit'.

To avoid the hassle of creating the same goal over and again, you can create a global goal on the platform and use it on Multiple Campaigns.

Let's look at how we can set up the same on Trackier:

Step 1: Go to Campaign>Global Goals.
(If this option is not visible on your panel, please check with your CSM)

Step 2: In the Global Goal page, click on the action button on the top right corner and click on Action> Add New goal. Set up the goal with the Value and Type and Payout etc.

Step 3: Once you click on "save", your global goal will be created and implemented on all campaigns by default.

Case 1: To implement different payout on a Global goal for any particular Campaign

Now, to implement the same in any particular campaign, open your respective campaign and click on "Manage payout and goals".

Step 1: In "Manage payout and goals", go to "Publisher specific Payout" and add New Payout.

Step 2: Select "All" for publishers, to set your global goal for all publishers and click on "Goal" column to select any particular global goal. Herein, you will also be able to define the specific payout for any particular publisher or all publishers.

Case 2: When you don't want the global goal to run on any particular campaign

Step 1: By default global goals will run for all active campaigns. To block the same for any campaign, go to "Settings"> edit> PostBack settings> Add Global Goals> Block publishers. 

Step 2: Select your publishers and this will ensure that global goal postbacks are not fired.