In case you own a website and you want to integrate the Trackier platform on the s2s postback method, you need to follow the below step to make sure of smooth conversion tracking.

In this process, you need to store Trackier's click_id in your web URL and save that and fire that with the postback URL back to us so that we can track conversion.



Steps to set up S2S integration

Step 1: Setting Up Web URL Correctly.

This will be the first part of the process where you need to make sure of collecting the click id that Trackier is responsible to generate, and you will be storing that on your end as a user session. 

  • You will be adding any Parameter in the URL. 
  • You need to store the click ids, you will receive in that parameter.

A parameter which store value and which is sent in URL.


Campaign Setup with your web URL

  • In your web URL, add a parameter let's say XYZ.
  • In that, you will receive a click id which you need to save on your end.

Redirection and click id Generation

How you will get the click id in your XYZ parameter?
Well, Trackier is responsible to generate and pass that ID, so whenever we start sending traffic to your web URL, and redirection happens from Trackier URL to your {click_id} macro will be replaced with 24 characters click id, which will be unique for each click.

In the Screenshot URL, you can see

Step 2: Firing Postback with the click ID

Once you got the click id and you can track that the user completed the Registration, you need to fire that click id back to Trackier.

  • You will get the Postback from Trackier, you can check the steps here.
  • You need to fire a postback with the same click id which you have received in the web URL.

Example: Sample Postbacks 

You will get a postback below format.

  • You will receive the post back in this format
  • You need to replace CLICK_ID with the parameter you have used in the web URL to Trackier Click id.
  • In this case, we have taken the example of XYZ{xyz}&security_token=bxxxxxxxxxxxxxx33

So you need to make sure when you fire the postback 24 character click id you have received via web URL under XYZ parameter, you will fire the same when the user completed the registration.


This same call you need to make through your server in real-time, you will get response from our end as {"success":true,"message":"QUEUED"}

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