The promotion of a campaign can be done from any source of the traffic channel. It's important to target the right audience through the right channel for your campaign.

Now segregating your campaigns based on the Traffic Channels is possible on Trackier. Let your publisher see and choose the campaigns based on the right channels allowed for your campaigns. To add and assign Channels for your campaigns, follow the below steps.


Examples of Traffic Sources 

Mobile Traffic (Popunders, Banner/Display), Push Notifications Traffic, SEO Traffic (Google Adwords), Social Traffic (Facebook Ads), etc.

Add Traffic Channels

You can find the Allowed Traffic Channel option under the Campaign section on the left side of the panel.

  •  To add a new Traffic channel to your list, you can go to ActionAdd Traffic Channels.

  • You can quickly add the name of the Traffic channel in the provided space and click on the Go button so that you can simply use those traffic channels in your existing and new upcoming campaigns.

Add a traffic channel to existing campaigns

  • Go to manage campaigns and find the edit option of the campaign in which you wish to add the Traffic Channel.

  • Search for the Allowed Traffic Channels section and start typing the values in the provided space. Once you see the values in the drop-down, you can select from them.

In a similar manner you can add Traffic channels in new campaigns as well.

In case of any issues or concerns, please feel free to drop an email at support@trackier.com