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Invoice Dashboard

Trackier gives you a panel to see and manage your invoices based on the Total amount paid to the publisher, Overdue amount and Amount yet to be paid to the publishers.


  • Overdue -  It refers to the amount that has not been paid. There are times that the last day of payment has exceeded and we still haven't paid our dues to the publisher which would essentially be included in "Overdue".
  • Total amount to be paid - It refers to the total amount that is pending and is to be paid to the publisher which is inclusive of the overdue amount.
  • Total amount paid - It refers to the total/cumulative amount that you have already paid to the publisher in the past.
  • Top 5 publishers - Enlist the top 5 publishers on the platform who have bought maximum conversion or business to you. Along with that, you can find the last invoice which was generated against them.

You can alter the invoice and dashboard details by switching from Publisher to Advertiser. In that case you will see the same details as above for advertisers. You can modify the dates as well to show you the results of today, tomorrow, last 7 days etc.

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