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Comparison Report

There will be times when one would want to compare the performance of different publishers, advertisers and campaigns over some period of time and would want to see the increase or decrease in performance. With the help of a comparison report, you can achieve the same.


About the Report

You can group the data via campaign or publisher or advertisers or can choose to select all of them. It will ask you to select two different date range to compare "with" and "from". Once you have selected that date the results will be shown.

  • In the below image green percentage reflects the increment that we have seen in terms of stats over that particular range and red denotes the decrement in stats. The increment or decrement can be easily seen via the numbers shown below the percentage. For instance, 36 to 3 i.e 36 is the result of the old range which is "From" and 3 is the new range i.e. "To" and hence a decrement/downward trend. 

  • You can choose to select several reporting options such as clicks, impressions, Gross conversions etc and the same will be reflected as part of the report.

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