Trackier allows you to review the stats of your campaigns, affiliates or brands by generating a report with fields like registrations, impressions, NGR, GGR, Deposits etc.

Reporting Options

  • Impressions - The number of impressions your campaign has received
  • Registrations - The total number of people who registered
  • Depositing Customers - People who have been depositing money or who have deposited money during the date range time period
  • Active customers - Number of people who have been playing on a regular/active basis
  • New depositing customers - People who have registered as well as deposited the money at the same time
  • First-time depositing customers - People who might have registered before but have deposited money the very first time during the date range selected in the report
  • Wagering customers - Players who have done betting or are playing
  • Deposits - The total number of deposits that have been done
  • Chargebacks - The chargeback amount i.e return of money 
  • NGR and GGR - Net gaming revenue and gross gaming revenue digits 
  • Bonus - Any bonus amount given to the customers/players
  • Withdrawals - Amount of money that the customer takes out/withdraws when he/she wins    
  • Payouts - The money you had to pay to your affiliates.

You can further download the report or have it saved under a name. Inside the filter option, you can group your data via different sources such as campaigns, affiliates, sub-affiliate, brands or products

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