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Trackier Web SDK

This is a simplified and more refined version of cookie-less tracking that is web SDK for which you can easily generate code from the panel by just some simple steps.

With this method, you can add pixels in the form of postback directly on the code or via GTM, this will help you track more accurately when some browser doesn't support third-party cookies without any restrictions and limitations.

You need to make sure of the checklist below to ensure this setup works.

  • Setting up the campaign URL and make sure to pass Trackier click Id in the landing page URL
  • Add the Script mentioned below on all Landing pages.
  • Placing Conversion pixel on respective Thank you pages.

Step 1

To implement the web SDK, it is mandatory to include below mentioned parameters in the campaign URL and also for all the landing pages.


Steps 2

  • Now you need to add the below script on all Landing pages, this script will make sure we get the session id or click id even when the browser or device doesn't support third-party cookies.
  • This is the script tag that can be placed in the <BODY> Tag of the website.
    Example static code :
    <script src='https://static-cdn.trackier.com/js/trackier-web-sdk.js'></script>


Step 3

  • The Thank you pixel will be placed in the body tag and will be activated on the transaction's thank you page.
  • You can generate a pixel for yourself which will be placed in the <BODY> Tag. This pixel can be generated under the conversion tracking module of "Manage Campaign". 
  • For a Brand account, you would need to only select "Trackier Web SDK" and for a network, you can choose either between "Trackier Web SDK" or "Web SDK for GA" based on your requirement. 

    Note :

    --> This is Mandatory for clients to pick the web SDK for the thank you page from the campaign itself, It is different for every campaign.

    --> For custom generated values you have to use respective macros so as to avoid any discrepancies in future.

    --> In Ad-network case you can add the web SDK pixel on campaign level or on advertiser level.

  • Your system will automatically add your account's domain and adv_unique id in your web SDK code.

If you have any further concerns on the same, please reach out to us at support@trackier.com

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