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How to change the tracking domain in a campaign?
How to change the tracking domain in a campaign?

How to change the tracking domain in a campaign?

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At a Glance: This guide will help you change the tracking domain in a campaign once you have customized it according to your preferences.

Once you've added the custom domain to your panel, you're only one click away from using that domain for your company. You can add multiple tracking domains and use any of them depending on your needs. To learn how to add more tracking domains, click here.

To change the domain of the tracking link, follow the below steps:

Go to the Campaign Description page

  • Simply log in to your Trackier panel and go to the respective campaign. Visit the Tracking Link section, where you generate the tracking link for your publisher.

  • You will find a small checkbox below the space (where the tracking link is generated) with the name "Change Tracking Domain."

Select : Change Tracking domain

  • Just click on the check box and select your domain from the given options (if multiple domains are added), and then hit update or enter.

  • The link will get automatically changed in the given space for "Generated Link."

Note: Once you have added a personal tracking domain and set it as the default tracking domain, it will be visible to you and your publishers in any new campaigns that are created after the tracking domain has been added.

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