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Server-to-Server Click With Adjust

Server To Server Click With Adjust

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At a Glance: This article would help you if you want to set up S2S clicks in the campaigns running through Adjust.

The Trackier platform is capable of recording server-side clicks from your affiliates and will also be able to mask your advertiser's tracking link.

If you want the redirection to be fast-paced and also want to hide the advertiser's Adjust link from the publishers, you can do that by configuring S2S clicks. This configuration is advisable in the case that you see that there are more clicks on Adjust and fewer on Trackier, indicating there has been some fraudulent activity.


To enable this feature, please contact your Account Manager

There are multiple ways to configure S2S tracking with Adjust, and all of them are mentioned below. All the ways have their own requirements.

How can you set it up?

You will find this setting on your campaign settings page. Once you enable the server-side clicks option, you will be asked for some more information.

1. Whitelist publishers for server-side clicks: You will get the option to restrict the server-side clicks only to specific publishers. If no publisher is selected in this section, it will automatically consider all the publishers.

2. S2S redirect URL: This is the section where you will have to add the landing page, where you want your publishers to redirect. This will be the final landing page. There are certain changes that need to be made to this URL based on the method you will be using with your advertiser to send the clicks.

Server-to-Server Click With Adjust


Different methods of adding S2S click tracking

Please find below the methods that you can use with your advertisers, and based on your own convenience, you can use them.

Method 1: Using Referrer Parameters

Your advertiser's default campaign URL has to be in this format where &s2s=1 is added:

And the server-side URL should include the referrer parameter, and the URL would be like the below format:{click_id}

Once this is set up, the server-side clicks will be sent directly to the Play Store/App Store, and the publisher will be redirected without the MMP link, and MMP will get a click at their end as well.


The URL used above is just for demonstration purposes. You will get your account name from the MMP; please confirm the same with them.

Method 2: Using GAID or IDFA Value

In this case, the referrer parameters will not come into play, and the device ids will play their role in identifying the server-side clicks. You can find the tracking URL formats for this method below.

Your advertiser's default campaign URL has to be in this format:{camp_id}&adgroup={publisher_id}&creative={creative_name}&idfa={idfa}&gps_adid={gaid}&s2s=1 

And the S2S URL that needs to be implemented in the Trackier Panel could be the direct URL of the Play Store; there will be no changes needed in this URL since the GAID and IDFA values will be passed to the advertiser directly and you will receive those values from your publishers.

Method 3: Probabilistic modeling

In this case, you have to share multiple details in the advertiser's parameters; the details that are necessary and required are mentioned below:

  1. Device Language in af_lang parameter

  2. User-agent in the af_ua parameter

  3. Device IP address in the af_ip parameter

Since it is a probabilistic model, the click id will not be passed to the advertiser.
The advertiser's tracking URL has to be in this format:{user_agent}&ip_address={ip}&language={device_lang}&s2s=1

The S2S URL that needs to be added in the Trackier panel has to be exactly the same as the Play Store URL, where the users will land.


If the user agent is missing from the S2S impression, Adjust does not attribute it using probabilistic matching. However, the impression is still recorded on the dashboard.

All these methods will mask the advertiser's tracking link, and click fraud from the source side will also be reduced.

We're thrilled to have put together a top-notch team of qualified experts who are available to handle any of your concerns and respond to any inquiries you may have. You can contact us at any time by sending an email to or using the in-platform chat feature.

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