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Integration: Shopee

Integration: Shopee

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At a Glance: A guide to help you seamlessly connect the Shopee store with the Trackier panel.


Shopee is a mobile centric marketplace where users can browse, shop, and sell products. Trackier allows you to seamlessly connect your Shopee store and track and attribute the conversions.

Integration Steps

To connect your Shopee store, follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to shopee Integration

From the left column of modules, go to Automation, click on E-commerce, and navigate to Integrations. Here you will find Shopee as an option for integration. Click on 'Setup' for the further process.

Shopee integration Trackier

Step 2: Configuring the Integration

The following screen should be visible once you click on'setup'. All the apps that you have configured with Shopee will be visible here. If you want to add a new one, click on the action button and select 'Add'.

Shopee integration interface on Trackier

Step 3: Field Description

Here, you have to add the following information:

  • Enable: Since you can add multiple integrations, you can choose to activate or deactivate the integration using this toggle button.

  • Name: Provide a unique name for this Integration

  • Domain: The domain refers to the URL of your Shopee store. It is the web address where your store is hosted. Typically, it will be something like "". You can find your store's domain by visiting your Shopee seller account and accessing your store's settings or profile information.

  • App ID: The App ID is a unique identifier assigned to your Shopee store's application integration. It allows the tracking software to authenticate and establish a connection with your store. To find the app ID, you'll need to access your Shopee seller account's developer settings or API documentation. Look for a section related to app integrations or API keys, and you should find the App ID listed there.

  • Secret: The secret is another key or token provided by Shopee that serves as a password or authentication mechanism for the integration. It ensures secure communication between your Shopee store and the tracking software. Similar to the App ID, you should be able to find the Secret key in your Shopee seller account's developer settings or API documentation, specifically in the section related to app integrations or API keys.

  • Currency: Please select the currency in which you want to receive the payout from the Shopee panel. If Shopee is working in Singapore, select SGD as the currency.

  • Separator: The separator refers to a character or symbol used to separate different parameters or values in the tracking URLs generated by the tracking software. It helps the software parse and extract the necessary information from the URL.

You can find the domain, app ID, secret, and separator in your Shopee account.


Essential Macros for Shopee Integration

Once you have applied all the settings, the integration will be up and running. If you have integrated your Shopee account, some of the macros are mandatory in the campaign URL.

&affiliate_id: Add your app ID here. You must have added the app ID while doing the integration.



Need Instant Resolution?

We want to assure our customers that Trackier provides an in-house customer support team, available for instant query resolutions. You can reach out to us via email at or directly engage with our in-house agents through our live chat feature.

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