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AppsFlyer- iOS 14 Integration Test

Appsflyer- Ios 14 Integration Test

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At a glance: This article is a helpful guide to testing your iOS app attribution with AppsFlyer on Trackier.

Once you have completed the AppsFlyer Trackier Privacy Postback Setup, you can make a test to check for the same. This test will check if the privacy postback tracking is working seemlessly.

There will be no click ID, so tracking will work based on another parameter, hence, you need to make sure to add the macro as mentioned below for tracking to work.

Step 1: Setting Up the Tracking URL of test campaign

You can ask Appsflyer for any test campaign URL, or you can use any ongoing live campaign that is for iOS. Make sure the Appsflyer parameters and Trackier macros are correctly mapped in the URL. Following is the list of parameters and macros that are required to be added to the URL.

AF Parameter

Trackier Macro




To pass the publisher's campaign ID



To pass Camp I'd



To pass publisher ID



To pass the sub-publisher ID



To pass user Agent



To Pass device language and locale

Step 2: Comparison Between Old and New URL Setup:

The old one pertains to the scenario where a click ID is passed for tracking. The new URL is for the scenario where privacy postback method is applied and instead of click ID other information is passed.

Step 3: Updating Campaign Settings

Once a campaign is created, the next step is to access the settings within that specific campaign. Then proceed to the "SKAdNetwork Setting" section.

  1. Mark the checkbox labelled "Enable Skadnetwork Attribution."

  2. Choose the appropriate MMP partner that is compatible.

  3. Input the campaign ID, adhering to the range of 1 to 100 in line with Apple's guidelines.

    • This ID must be communicated to your publisher, who will then integrate it into their traffic source.

Step 4: Making a Final Test:

Once you have done the above steps, go to Campaigns > Skadnetwork Test.

Trackier skadnetwork test

  • Campaign: Select the campaign that you are testing.

  • Test App ID: Enter the Test App ID. You will get this from Appsflyer, you can check their article on the same, here.

  • Conversion Value: Enter Value. You will get this from Appsflyer, You can check their article on the same here.

values supprted by Appsflyer

Once the test is done, you will get the response shown below.

Skadnetwork test response on Trackier

This response is sent to AppsFlyer through the mail, and then we wait for their response.

Important: It may take up to 24 hours for the postback from the MMP partner; please wait until then. If you are still unable to receive a postback from the MMP partner, please request the postback logs and share them with your Trackier Account Manager or the Trackier support team.

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