FAQ's on Targeting

FAQ's on Targeting

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Frequently Asked Questions on Targeting

Q1. We have enabled targeting for various cities and regions and even after that, we are receiving traffic from non-targeted areas, why?

This happens for the reason that your publisher might be sending server traffic, due to which a geo-mismatch is happening, as we are recording geo for that specific server and not for the actual user location.

Q2. How will I get to know whether the targeting enabled for the campaign is working fine or not?

You will have to Click Report to check if the targeting is working fine. Traffic that does not meet the targeting condition will be visible in the rejected state.

Q3. I am unable to find values for different variables like city, region, and country on the panel, How can I enable targeting for the same?

Initially, you have to check that the value falls under which variable (city, region, or country). After selecting the correct variable, if you are unable to find a value on the panel, you need to check on Google if these values are also known by some other name.

For example:

The client failed to find these values on the panel

How these values are available on the panel?

Riyadh Province
Eastern Province

Al Hail

Ar Riyad (SA) is in the city targeting.

Ash Sharqiyah (SA) in region targeting

Ha'il - SA in region targeting

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