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SMTP Domain Setup

SMTP domain setup

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At a Glance: Here you get all the details on how to setup an SMTP domain to send automated emails to your publishers, advertisers, and team members.

You can set up SMTP to send your publisher, advertiser, or team member an automatic email about different actions taken on the platform. Once you have set up SMTP, you can enable different email notifications.

How to set it up?

  • To set up SMTP on Trackier, go to the Customize section and select SMTP in the domain section.


You can get all the information you need from your SMTP server, and if you're adding an Amazon or Google SMTP server, make sure 2-step authentication is turned off.

customize smtp

Details to be entered

  • SMTP Server: You need to add the SMTP server name in this section; it depends on which one you want to use.

  • SMTP Username: Enter the username or email that you use to login to your SMTP server.

  • From Email Name: Enter what should appear in the email that is sent to the publisher.

  • Email: Enter the email ID that you have integrated with your SMTP server and from which the email will be sent to an affiliate.

  • Port: you will get port details from your SMTP platform; some commonly used ports are 25, 587, and 465.

  • Password: Enter the password you used to log in to your SMTP interface.

  • Security Type: Select the security type you will get from your SMTP panel. Security types are:

    • Non-Secure (No SSL)


    • SSL/TLS

SMTP wizard on Trackier

Once all of the details have been entered, you can run a test by entering your email address and clicking the test button. If you receive a test email, the setup is complete; otherwise, check the logs for any possible errors.


  • To check the SMTP logs, you need to navigate to Customize.

  • Select Domain and click on SMTP Domain.

    SMTP Domain Setup

  • In the SMTP logs, you can see it is divided into 3 sections.
    1. Created: Date of the log when it was created.
    2. Message: To whom the mail was sent with subject, Cc, and BCc details as well.
    3. Error: If there is any error with the mail or with the SMTP server.

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