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Google Ads Link

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At a Glance: This feature allows you to create a Google Ads link that incorporates the necessary certified click trackers in accordance with the updated policy.

To continue running your campaigns on Google Ads without any interruptions, it is imperative that you utilize the newly introduced Google Ads link creation feature. By ticking the designated checkbox within our platform, you will generate a compliant Google Ads link that meets the revised policy requirements.

Note: It is imperative that you update all your current tracking links on Google Ads.

Google ads link

After selecting the "Google Ads Link" checkbox, the tracking link will be displayed in the following format:{transaction_id}&source={sub_publisher}&

Parameter for transparency: &force_transparent=true

Note: Within the campaign settings, there is a feature that allows you to assign Google ads to publishers. This enables chosen publishers to create tracking links with the Google ads checkbox. Please make sure to activate the deep link option for generating Google Ads links as well.

Campaign Settings

Certification Guidelines

Click tracker service providers have the opportunity to apply for certification of their click trackers. Google Ads has established certification guidelines to ensure that these trackers meet the stringent quality standards set forth by the platform. Click tracker providers who successfully complete the certification process will be added to the list of certified providers, providing you with a comprehensive pool of trusted options.

Troubleshooting concerns pertaining to Google Ads

  1. Below are the errors related to ad levels that we need to address that involve Trackier:

    Malicious software (should not come)
    Compromised website (fixed by google)
    Click tracker uncertified (fixed by google)

  2. Account-level errors, such as circumventing policy errors, unfortunately cannot be resolved from our end.

  3. If there are multiple re-directs, like Trackier->XYZ network (uncertified tracker) --> final landing page, then Google will reject it because all the trackers in the redirection chain should be certified by Google ads.

  4. The addition of a parameter in the final URL that is not initially included in the tracking URL would result in a destination mismatch. All the parameters should match in the final URL, and the url should be placed after the parameter &url in the tracking link.

    For instance:

    * Functioning Case:

    Tracking Link for Google Ads: ``
    Final URL in the Ad: ``

    In this case, the parameters in the final URL match those in the tracking URL, and the URL after "&url=" in the tracking link corresponds to the final URL. This ensures a proper destination match.

    * Destination Mismatch (Additional Parameter in Final URL):

    Tracking Link for Google Ads: ``
    Final URL in the Ad: ``

    Adding an extra parameter, "param3," in the final URL creates a destination mismatch. All parameters should match between the final URL and the tracking URL for proper tracking and functionality.

    * Destination Mismatch (Mismatched Parameter Values):

    Tracking Link for Google Ads: ``
    Final URL in the Ad: ``

    Changing the value of "param1" in the final URL results in a destination mismatch. The parameter values in the final URL should align with those in the tracking URL.

  5. Please ensure that the domain used in your campaign URL matches the one in your tracking link for Google Ads. Please do not include sub-domains in the Google Ads link, as they will not function under the specified domain in the campaign URL.

    For instance:

    * Functioning Case:

    Campaign URL: ``
    Tracking Link for Google Ads: ``

    In this case, both URLs share the same domain "," and the campaign URL will function as expected when used in conjunction with the specified tracking link.

    * Non-Functioning Case (Mismatched Domains):

    Campaign URL: ``
    Tracking Link for Google Ads: ``

    In this scenario, the campaign URL and the tracking link have different domains ("" and ""), violating the requirement. As a result, this configuration may not function as intended, and tracking might not work correctly.

    * Non-Functioning Case (Sub-Domain Included in Google Ads Link):

    Campaign URL: ``
    Tracking Link for Google Ads: ``

    Here, the tracking link for Google Ads includes a sub-domain (""), which goes against the specified guideline. Using this configuration may lead to issues as sub-domains are not allowed in the Google Ads link for this campaign.

  6. If you encounter an error where the {lpurl} is missing, there's a straightforward solution. Simply add the same macro {lpurl} to the parameter you're not currently utilizing, from p1 to p10, and the issue should be resolved.

    However, it's important to note that this resolution applies when there are no redirections involved. If your setup includes redirections and you still face an error with the {lpurl}, it is due to a lack of transparency. To address this, ensure that the transparency parameter "&force_Transparent=true" is included in all redirections.

    Including the transparency parameter ensures that each step of the redirection process retains visibility into the original {lpurl}, resolving potential issues related to missing or mismatched macros.

    * You can ask your advertiser to provide the Google Ads link and not just the tracking link.


Tracking Link

Important Notice: We have noticed that some users are experiencing the 'destination mismatch url' error for Google Ads. This error occurs when targeting is set at a click level within the campaign. It is important to note that targeting should be handled on the advertiser's end and not on the agency's end.

To help resolve this issue, we have a couple of suggestions for you:

1. You can create the campaign in Google first, and once it is approved, you can specify the targeting in Trackier.

2. Another option is to set up conversion level targeting only, rather than on a click level.

We are currently engaged in ongoing communication with the Google team in order to find a permanent resolution. We are currently awaiting their response on this matter.

Pro Tip:

The Google Ads link must be included in all redirections. For example, if your advertiser also uses Trackier, request that they generate the tracking link for you by checking the Google Ads box. Furthermore, when you generate the tracking link for your affiliates, you will also update that tracking link by checking the Google Ads link check box.

Note 1: We recommend that you review the updated policy guidelines and familiarize yourself with the certification process for click tracker services. Additionally, please take the necessary steps to create Google Ads links using the provided feature to ensure the continued success of your campaigns.

Note 2: Trackier has been added to the list called "Google ads click Tracker certification"

Note 3: Using the parameter "force_transparent" will override the S2S setting.

Please check out this article if you want your independent domain to be whitelisted on Google's end.

Need Instant Resolution?

We want to assure our customers that Trackier provides an in-house customer support team available for instant query resolution. You can reach out to us via email at or directly engage with our in-house agents through our live chat feature.

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