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Data Audit Logs

Data Audit Logs

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At a Glance: This article will assist you in comprehending the requests made by the panel and their nature.

There are times when we would want to see the actions being performed on our platform and have detailed information about them. Well, Data Audit Logs serve the purpose well. It gives a detailed log of every action or activity taken related to data or reports.

Data Audit Logs

Fields Reflected


If you have chosen a date range, it will explicitly show the date on which particular action was performed


We have either the POST or DELETE methods. You can see the method being performed as part of this column


This explicitly mentions the action that is performed; it can be creating something, deleting, adding, editing and so on and so forth


A resource is the page/section for which the action is performed

Referring Page

It will give you the link to the page on which the action was performed

User Type

There are several roles, such as admin, sub-admin, operations, etc. This section will tell you what role/user type has performed the action

User Name

The name of the user who has performed the action

User IP

The IP address of the user


The name of the browser being used by the user to perform the action

Change Count

The number of times that change/action was performed


Link to the request being made


You can download the report as well and filter the data based on the member who has performed the action or method type

Data Audit Logs

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