Postback as an API
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At A Glance: This article demonstrates how the postback integration can be used as an API integration.

What is Postback Integration?

Postback integration is a method of tracking conversions from your advertiser that is commonly used in the context of affiliate marketing. Postbacks are typically implemented through HTTP requests or URLs.

Postbacks can be used as an API endpoint to send conversions to the Trackier panel.

Advertisers need to ensure they include a click_id when firing an API request with a POST method.

Where to find Postback?

A postback can be fetched from the campaign details page.

  1. Go to Campaign details page.

  2. Scroll down to conversion tracking.

You can use the postback as an API endpoint and place the click_id macro against our click_id parameter.

You can append your postback as per your requirements by simply clicking on the checkboxes available just below the postback.

Pass Macros

You can add aditional parameters in your postback if you want any additional information from your advertiser like sale amount or revenue etc.

Order ID

You can add a parameter for the transaction ID in your postback to get the transaction ID or order ID from your advertiser.

Add Goal Value

You can add a goal value to your postback from the drop-down.

Change Domain

You can even change the domain of your postback.


Your advertiser needs to send the correct macros against our parameters

How do Advertisers Pass A Click ID With an API Request?

To pass a click_id with an API request, advertisers must add a macro against the click_id parameter.

For example, if your click_id was 98367 then the parameter added to the request may look like:

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