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Where to find an advertiser's postback?
Where to find an advertiser's postback?

Where to find an advertiser postback?

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At a Glance: This article will provide you with an understanding on how you can gather postback from the platform to further share with your advertiser.


An advertiser postback, also known as a server-to-server postback or conversion postback, is a method used to track and communicate successful conversions from the advertiser's website or platform to the affiliate network's server. It involves sending a notification or data back to the affiliate network when a specific action or conversion occurs on the advertiser's site.

Advertiser Postback

Below are the steps that will help you navigate to the advertiser's postback so that you can further share the same with your client or advertiser.

Step 1: Advertiser Manage Page

Go to the Advertiser section and navigate to Manage.

Advertiser Manage page

Step 2: Navigate to advertiser profile section

Select the advertiser to open the advertiser profile.

Manage advertisers

Step 3: Advertiser Postback

Once you reach the advertiser profile page, you will see the advertiser postback section. Copy the advertiser postback and share it with your advertiser.

Advertiser Postback

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