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Click Signature Integration with AppsFlyer
Click Signature Integration with AppsFlyer
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At a Glance: To prevent fraud liabilities and ensure that your ad network is not attributed to fraudulent clicks, it is advisable to implement signature validation for clicks.

Click Signature Integration

In order to mitigate fraudulent traffic, it is now necessary for ad networks to establish a click signature with AppsFlyer. In certain instances, traffic may originate from multiple sources within an ad-network, of which the ad-network may not be fully aware of the extent of fraudulent activity. By implementing a click signature, fraudulent clicks can be blocked, and all invalid clicks will be rejected by AppsFlyer. Through the integration of click signatures with AppsFlyer, the platform will thoroughly validate all clicks and accurately identify the level of fraudulent traffic originating from sub-sources within ad-networks, ensuring that click information has not been tampered with by malicious factors.

Configure Click Signature

The below chart will explain the steps and process of configuring the click signature in Trackier with AppsFlyer.

Setup Auth Token and Click Signing Mode

  • Navigate to Automation, click on Mobile App Tracking, then click on Appsflyer setup and then go to the Click Sign section.



    click signing

  • You will see an authentication token. You can set the click signing expiry time in minutes, i.e after what point the click should be considered as invalid

  • Set the click signing mode to off or enabled, depending on your requirements.

  • If you want to exclude any APP ID's, you can mention the same and click on save.

Enable Click Signing in AppsFlyer Campaign

Navigate to the Appsflyer campaign on Trackier and go to the Settings card. Find the option to enable Click Signing and enable the toggle.

enable click signing

Procedure to Generate Auth Token in AppsFlyer

  • In your admin dashboard of Appsflyer, you will be able to generate the Auth Token.Find the guide here to Generate Auth Token.

  • Once the traffic starts flowing on the AppsFlyer campaign, the following parameters are added to the AppsFlyer links by the system:



Example of AppsFlyer click URL:

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