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Difference between Macro and Parameters
Difference between Macro and Parameters
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At a Glance: This article is detailed knowledge about Macro and parameters and also the difference and different use of both terms in Trackier.

In a very simple language, Parameters are used to collect the information from someone, and macro is used to pass the information to someone, for example, if an advertiser is willing to collect the click ID from the publisher then, the advertiser will pass his parameters and publisher will pass the Macro in the postback URL.

Macros are always placed against the parameters in order to pass the information.


In the above URL, cpid and CLid are parameters, and {campaign_id} and {click_id} are the Macros.

Note: In Trackier, click_id the most important and mandatory information to track the conversions.

What Macros and parameters are required for publisher tracking link and postback, you can read the complete guide here.

Same, all the Macros for Advertiser Tracking are available in this knowledge base article.

Macros in Trackier Panel:

You can find all Macros that are used in the Trackier panel in the Campaign details, or while creating a campaign:

simply, click on see more option and you will get the list of all macros:

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