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FAQ's on Publisher Postback Issue
If campaign have both click and conversion cap then how can we remove offer from publisher API, after reaching out click cap?
FAQs on Publisher API
FAQ's on Test link ( Advertiser )
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Where to find the Global API key?
I’m facing a click discrepancy issue in my Trackier panel and Publisher’s panel, what could be the possible reason for this?
I’m unable to track the install conversions from my advertiser, they are being tracked on their panel but not visible on my panel.
Why is test conversion from the advertiser’s end not being recorded in my panel?
After I generate a publisher link from our panel and try to open it does not open, it shows Targeting Failed. What could be the issue for this?
How to check a Campaign Timeline
Where to find Global Postback?
How to add targeting in a Campaign?
Can I Block Duplicate click?
Where do you find Publisher tracking link?
Status of conversion: Meaning and Use-Case
How to check "Debug Postback"
How to check whether the pixel or postback is placed properly or not?
Where to find the Pixel?
How does click and conversion cap work individually?
How to enable fallback traffic from one campaign to another campaign while using cap and viewing it in the report?
Why is the publisher not able to access a specific campaign?
Advertisers are asking for event postback, but the global postback has been shared. What is the difference between global postback and event postback?
How do I find the advertiser sign-up link?
How to find Publisher sign-up link?
Where will you find the conversion tracking option?
How sale amount is calculated?
What information is stored as part of Cookies
Difference between Macro and Parameters
Difference Between Campaign Advertiser Global Postback and Network Global Postback
Track Multiple Conversions
Postback as an API
Click Flow and Conversion Flow
Troubleshooting postback test issues