You can setup Whitelabel to promote your brand, differentiate traffic sources based on domains, avoid domain spamming etc. Whitelabel is included in Trackier AGENCY and ENTERPRISE Plan Customers.

Although you can use default links which are provided to your Account, for the specific case you can Whitelabel the domain and use your own custom domain instead of the Trackier one.

Use Case  

  • Personal branding
  • Getting Malware error in GTM
  • Want to use a separate domain for different types of offers.

Default Tracking Link Looks like{your-transaction-id}&source={sub-aff-id}

Custom Tracking Link Looks like{your-transaction-id}&source={sub-aff-id}

Follow these steps to configure your own domain in Tracking Link.

Step 1:

Get a Domain from your Domain Provider.

Login to your Domain provider and go to the DNS settings. 


You can find DNS setting in every domain provider like Godaddy, Namecheap, etc you just need to make sure to update DNS where your nameserver is pointed to.

Step 2:

Copy CNAME value and Paste in the Domain DNS Settings.

Copy CNAME value from the panel to do that Go to Customise > Domain> Tracking Domain. 

Point 3 will show you where to find CNAME value for your panel.

Add a CNAME record in the DNS settings of the domain provider from where you have purchased it.

Hostpoint toCustom Domain


Example of Godaddy DNS Setting

  • Type: Select CNAME
  • Host: you can use any value it will act as a subdomain to your main domain like trk, xyz, tracking, etc.
  • Point to: Here you need to add CNAME value you get from the Trackier platform.
  • TTL: In what time record gets appended, you can use 1 Hour.

To check if DNS record is appended correctly go on DNS record check and if you get Check in all regions you can move to the next step.


  • How to set CNAME record in Godaddy click here.
  • How to set CNAME record in Namecheap click here.
  • How to set CNAME record in Cloudflare Click here.

Step 3:

Request SSL and Domain Custom Settings.

  • Request for SSL on the New Tracking domain on Trackier Support ( We do SSL batch-wise on Tuesday and Friday).

  • Add The new custom tracking domain in Trackier by clicking on +Add Tracking Domain.
    • You need to mention your new domain
    • Once SSL yes done you switch No to Yes.
    • You can whitelist this tracking Domain to a certain publisher, then the tracking link will be generated for mention publisher only others can't see this domain.
    • Select checkbox " Default Tracking Domain " if you want all links should generate with this domain.

In case you have any issue please mail us at