This feature can help you optimize the conversion rate on offers. Setup the rule, Trackier's CR Optimisation Algorithm will keep the check and notify you and block source automatically according to the setup.

The system checks if, at a certain amount of clicks, the CR is less than or greater than the defined value, and then the required action is executed based on the setup. 


Use Case  

This feature is very helpful when you have CR-sensitive campaigns and hard KPIs to maintain.

Where to Find?

  • To access this feature go to Automation -> Optimize Rule.
  • Then find Action -> Add New Optimise Rule.

Select the Advertiser

  • You need to select the advertiser for which you want to add Rule, CR rule is set up on the advertiser level.

General Setting to set the CR rule.

  • A description of the mentioned entities in the General settings is provided below:

Include & Exclude

  • By selecting Include And Exclude Campaign, you need to mention the campaign on which this rule needs to be imposed or excluded from the rule. If you want the rule to be set up for all campaigns of selected advertisers, then the section should be left blank.
  • By selecting Include And Exclude Publisher, you need to mention which particular publisher this rule needs to impose or excluded from the rule. If you want the rule to be set up for all publishers, then the section should be left blank.


  • If set as 'Publisher', then the system will check CR based on the publisher.
  • If set as 'Publisher + Sub ID', then CR will be checked for both combined.

Sub ID

  • You can select the Sub ID on which you want to set CR.
  • You can select the source.
  • You can select any parameter from p1-p10.


You have to select the parameter based on which you are getting the value.

Click >=

In this, you need to mention the number of click value at which the system should check the CR on the campaign.


For example, if you want to check CR after 1000 clicks, then mention 1000 corresponding to click section.

Rule KPI

Now you will have the option to select the optimization targeting either based on the Conversion Rate or just the number of conversions.


Conversion Rate - It will check the mathematical logic between the clicks and conversions.

Conversion - It will check the total number of conversions.

Pending Conversion Rate - It will be calculated on the basis of the click provided in the threshold field and CR % against it

Conversion Rate (CR) %

Here you need to define what should be CR condition when the number of clicks is reached the mentioned value. so you can set a condition for

  • < LOW: This Means if CR is Less than the defined value.
  • >= HIGH: This Means if CR is Greater than or equal to a defined value.


For example: If you want to check at 1000 click CR is < than 2%, then the action will be taken.

White List Sub ids

If you don't want this rule to be implemented on a certain source or sub-id of the publisher, then you can whitelist them. This rule will not be applicable for the whitelisted sub ids.

Rule Start Hour & End Hour

  • By default, the system will check the rule at any time of the day when clicks reach a defined value.
  • If you define Start Hour & End Hour, then the rule will be checked in that time period and will not be applicable on hours outside the defined time.

Actions to be taken if Rule gets failed. 

  • Block Sub ID/Publisher:  If enabled, this will block the Sub ID/ Publisher (based on the schema selected) who is not maintaining a defined CR.
  • Send Email to Publisher and ManagerWhen CR is not maintained, the source's publisher will get mail about the source and their respective account managers. 
  • Send Email to Team Member: When CR is not maintained you can add multiple custom emails on which notifications should be received. 
You can add filters as well to sort the data out

Here's an example

You can see the rule is implemented on demo advertisers, all campaigns & publishers. At 1000 click value, the rule activates to check if CR is < 2% or not. If True then no action will be taken and if False then action will be taken.