You can Setup SMTP to send you Publisher automatic email on different actions taken place on the platform. Once you have set up SMTP you can enable different Email notification. 


How to setup?

To Setup SMTP on trackier go to Customize > Domain > SMTP

You can get all the details that need to be entered from your SMTP server, also if you are adding Amazon or Google SMTP server please make sure 2 step authentication is off.

Details to be entered

  • SMTP Server: You need to add the SMTP server name on this section, it depends which you want to use.
  • SMTP Username: Enter username or email that you use to login to your SMTP server.
  • From Email Name: Enter what should be from email appear when the email is sent to Publisher.
  • Email: Enter email id which you have integrated with your SMTP server and from which email will be shoot to an affiliate.
  • Port: you will get port details from your SMTP platform, some commonly used port are 25, 587, 465.
  • Password: Enter Password you use to login to your SMTP interface.
  • Security Type: Select security type, you will get to know from your SMTP  panel. security type are:
    • Non-Secure (No SSL)
    • SSL/TLS
Once all details are added you can make a test by entering your mail and click on test, if you receive a test email then the setup is fine, otherwise you can check logs for possible error.

In case of any issue, mail us at