To generate the tracking link of the campaign. 

Option:- 1

From the navigation tab go to campaign >> all offers > from the campaign filter, filter out the campaign > there you will find the option generation tacking link.

Option:- 2

From the campaign info page, you can find the campaign tracking link. 


An additional option in tracking link


There are multiple options you can find at the time of generating the tracking link:

  • Add Subids - Publisher tracking macros
  • Add Deeplink - If you want to redirect towards a particular landing page of the primary campaign, then you can add a deep link to the publisher's tracking link. ( Eg: You want the users to redirect towards a specific section of a Myntra page, then you can add the web URL of that specific section in the deep link part and then the users will be redirected towards that section only )
  • Add Source (sub-publisher) - publisher's sub-publisher macro
  • Impression Pixel - Impression tracking pixel URL
  • Change Tracking Domain - Tracking link domain

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