There are 2 ways of fetching an offer's tracking link in the publisher interface.


To generate the tracking link of the campaign, please check out the below options:

1. Campaign filter

From the navigation tab go to campaign >> all offers > from the campaign filter, filter out the campaign > there you will find the option generation tacking link.

2. Campaign info Page

From the campaign info page, you can find the campaign tracking link. 


Additional options in tracking link :


There are multiple options you can find at the time of generating the tracking link:

  • Add Tracking parameters - Publisher tracking macros
  • Add Deeplink - If you want to redirect towards a particular landing page of the primary campaign, then you can add a deep link to the publisher's tracking link. ( Eg: You want the users to redirect towards a specific section of a Myntra page, then you can add the web URL of that specific section in the deep link part and then the users will be redirected towards that section only )
  • Add Source (sub-publisher) - publisher's sub-publisher macro
  • Add Landing page : generate tracking link redirected to a specific landing page, choose the added landing page as options from the drop down. 
  • Pre-Landers : Redirect traffic to the pre-landers as well and generate the tracking link for the same. 
  • Impression Pixel - Impression tracking pixel URL.
  • Change Tracking Domain - Add multiple tracking link domain. 

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