With Mobrand Link Test, you can make sure that your CPI campaigns are redirecting correctly to the app store. It will help you save your traffic, and then you can utilize it to monetize your campaign's traffic. 


Mobrand Link Test allow you 5 manual test from Trackier panel. In case you want to register you can go to their site for the same.

Where To find it?

  • You can try the link checker from the Trackier panel itself.  Once you click on the Try it tab, you will be redirected to the below-mentioned page.

  • Enter the tracking link that you want to check. 
  • Select various targeting that has been set for the tracking link.
    For example: If the campaign is bound to a particular country then select that country in the GEO section and select the DEVICE for which the campaign is bound to work.
  • You need to add an API token, which you will get after signup on Mobrand, and you can get 5 more extra test Credits after signup.