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Troubleshooting Postback Test Issues
Troubleshooting Postback Test Issues
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Situation 1: If the campaign setup is incorrect at the publisher's end

This error might occur if the campaign setup is incorrect at the publisher's end. It might show an error saying "tracker link not found."

This can be checked using the link test tool. If the link is not getting redirected to Trackier's tracking link, then there might be an issue at the publisher's end in the campaign setup.

You can read about the Link test tool in detail here.

Situation 2: Redirection issue

All links do not work in the postback test. Some links do not do standard redirection or sometimes there might be proxy settings due to which link redirection might not work and hence we can see this error (Trackier link not found).

  • In such scenarios, we generally perform a link redirection test first and check if the publisher's tracking link is redirecting to Trackier's tracking link.

  • Then, you can use the first link where the publisher test link is getting redirected to perform the postback test.

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