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Salesforce Trackier Integration

Through this knowledge base, we will cover how to integrate Trackier with salesforce.


Steps you need to follow to set up:

  • Create a Connected App using the name Trackier on the Salesforce website. 
  • This will allow data to be transferred from Trackier to the salesforce account.
  • Fill in authorization details into Trackier
  • Allow Data management rights to Trackier on the salesforce website
  • Set up the synchronization between affiliate fields on Trackier and fields on Salesforce.

Step 1 - Setup on Salesforce

To start with the integration you need to create a Connected App first, to do so, go to Setting > Setup On salesforce.

  • Now Search for App Manager.

  • Now Click On Connected APP.

  • Inside the Connected App, You need to fill in the Basic Information as suggested in the below Screenshot.

  • Scroll down below to the Box which says "Enable OAuth Settings".

Here you need to fill the required fields:

1. Callback URL

Here you need to enter the URL Like Below

You need to replace YOUR.TRACKIER.DOMAIN with your Domain which you get from your panel ( Customize > Domain > API Domain)

https://demo.trackier.com/salesforce/oauth2/callback where demo.trackier.com is a Domain for the demo account

2. Selected OAuth Scopes

Here you need to select below two permission

  • Access and manage your data (API)
  • Perform requests on your behalf at any time (refresh_token, offline_access)

Then, Click on save

Same has been suggested in the Screenshot Above.

Once this process is done you will get the page below.

You need to keep these Highlighted key with you.

  • Consumer Key
  • Consumer Secret Key

Step 2 - Salesforce Fields 

Now you need to set up Fields in the Salesforce for the exchange of data.

On the same SETUP page, Seach Lead and Select one which says, Lead Object Manager.

From here you can manage the existing fields as well, or the one in which you are already storing the leads and send the same back to Trackier.

  • On the details Page add API Name as Leads.

  • Now you need to use the field as mentioned in Fields &Relationship to Map On Trackier.

Step 3 - Custom object & fields

In case you don’t want to use the default Lead object for any reason, you can create your object and fill it with the necessary fields. 

  • Navigate to Object Manager section > Create button > Custom Object section.

  • Your further customization of the object depends on your requirement. In this, you need to let us know the object name by which we can access it (API name). 
  • In the New Custom object field, you need to fill in all the required fields and save your new object.

Step 4 - Setup On Trackier

You’re all ready to set up integration with the Salesforce plugin on Trackier. Navigate to Automation > Integration > E-Commerce and click on Salesforce to Setup.

Once you are inside the Setup you need to enter the following information. 

  • Consumer Key: One you have got from salesforce while doing step 1.
  • Consumer Secret: One you have got from salesforce while doing step 1.
  • API URL: You can use as below, where you need to replace SF_INSTANCE_NAME with your sales force Instance domain.
  • Salesforce Domain: You will find your domain from Salesforce itself.

SF_INSTANCE_NAME: Click on the top-right icon where you'll find this field.

Step 5 - Map Field On Trackier

Here you need to Map the required field to get the data from Salesforce, required fields are already added for convenience.

Step 6 - Grant Permission For The Integration

Now you need to Allow the integration after the Mapping and basic Configuration are done.

You will be redirected to Salesforce, where you need to authorize and allow the integration with the Connected App:

Once this is done you are ready to take the campaign live and track leads on Trackier.

In case of any issue mail us at support@trackier.com

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