About Click Signature

In order to prevent Fraud traffic, now ad-network needs to sign a click signature with Appsflyer. In some cases, the traffic which is sent by multiple sources of ad-network, even ad-networks are not aware of how much fraudulent traffic is sending by their sources to them.

Now with the click signature integration with the AppsFlyer, Appsflyer will validate all the clicks and identify that how much fraudulent traffic is sending by the sub-sources of ad-networks and make sure that the click information hasn't been manipulated by fraudsters.

Configure Click Signature in Trackier

Below Chart will explain the step and processes of configuring the click signature in Trackier with Appsflyer. 


Setup Auth Token and Click Signing Mode

Navigate to Automation > Mobile App Tracking > Appsflyer > Click Sign

Enable Click Signing in Appsflyer Campaign

Navigate to campaign > settings > Enable Click Signing > YES

Procedure to Generate Auth Token in Appsflyer

Navigate to campaign > settings > Enable Click Signing > YES

1. In your Admin Dashboard if Appsflyer, you will be able to generate the Auth Token. 
     - Fine the Guide here to Generate Auth Token.

2. Once the Traffic will start on the AppsFlyer campaign, the following parameters are added to the AppsFlyer links by System

    - &expires=XX

    - &signature=YYY

Example of Appsflyer click URL: