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Advertiser Pub linking

Trackier provides the automation feature of approving the campaigns of a particular advertiser to the publishers based on specific metrics. This feature reduces the manual work of approving specific publishers for campaigns and the publishers are automatically assigned to the campaigns as per the advertiser’s requirements. Users can set up as many rules as needed. 


Where to find it?

  • Click on Automation>> Advertiser Pub Linking>> Actions>> New linking.

You will be able to set up your advertiser pub linking rule after clicking on New linking.

Pub linking setup

  • You will be redirected to the Setup page of advertiser pub linking. These filters will allow you to add certain targeting to your rules based on the advertisers or publishers or campaigns.

1. Advertiser - This option will allow you to select the advertiser to whom this rule will be applied. 

2. Campaign Type - This will allow you to set up the campaign type. You can set up this campaign for campaigns with either Private or Ask for permission or both.

3. Exclude campaigns - This option will exclude campaigns specifically for the rule.

4. Publisher Payout Tier - This option will allow you to apply this rule only for specific publishers in payout tiers.

5. Choose Publishers - This option will allow you to include or exclude Publishers specifically for the rule.

6. Payout Currency - Set the campaign payout currency. This rule will exclude all campaigns with different payout currencies.

7. Minimum and maximum Payout - This will allow you to set the minimum and maximum payout. The campaigns which fall under these restrictions will be approved for the selected publishers.

8. Limit - This sets a limit for campaigns that are to be approved by the publishers in this rule.

9. Minimum and maximum hops - This option will allow you to set the minimum and maximum hops. The hops will be counted from the publisher's tracking link to the advertiser's final landing page.

10. Geo and OS selection - You can set up this rule for specific geo and operating systems.

All the campaigns that fall under these rules will automatically be approved for the selected publishers.


Advertiser pub linking only works for campaigns whose visibility is set to either private or permission, as the public campaigns are visible to all the publishers by default.

In case you have any issues, please mail us at support@trackier.com

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