With Trackier, now you can add your modified Payout Templates for segregating the publisher's payment options depending on the performance of a specific event, Geo coverage.

How to set up a Payout Template?

  • The payout Template can be accessed from the Publishers Manage Section. 
  • Find the Action on the top right, under that you can select the Payout Template option.

  • Once you get into the new window, select the Action one more time and choose Add Payout Template. Using this method you will be able to add a new Payout Template for any of your Publisher. 
  • Fill in relevant details in the form and once you are finished, hit the Save Button. 

Template Name: You can set any particular name for your payout rule that you will be adding.

Template Description: Provide brief information about the new payout template. 

Publishers: Select publishers at this option.

Goal: You can select the goals as well for the payout templates to work on specific events.

Coverage: You can select the countries in which the payout template will be valid.

Additional filter: You can specify the validation rule for the payout template for specific variable points as well.

  • Variable: Select the variable for which you want to specify the payout template.
  • Allowed Values: Enter the values according to the variable set in the previous step.