With Trackier's payout Tier option, you can subdivide and customize different tiers for Publishers' payout. 

How to get to the Payout Tier?

  • Payout tier can be added from the Manage option under Publishers Section on the left panel.   

  • Please go to the Action menu on the top, you will get the Payout Tiers option

  • You will be in the Publishers's page of Payout Tiers , now Hit the Action Button and you will be allowed to add a New Tier by clicking on the same. 

  • Create a new Payout Tier and add a relevant NameHit the Create Button, once you are done. Also, you can select the Active status of the specific Payout tier.


  • On the panel, you can see the status of the payout, created date and the option to edit or set any particular tier as the default. You can further view what all publishers are assigned to that payout

In case you have any issues please mail us at support@trackier.com