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Notification Setting

Here with Trackier, you get to modify your notification section by selecting the subjects you wish to get notified about.



  • You can find Notification Settings from the Actions button on the top right of the panel.

  • Select and enable your notifications for the preferred options and hit the Save button to keep the changes. 
  1. Campaigns: Enable all Campaigns Alerts here, related to new created Campaigns and CAP, Payout Revenue management, Targeting, Time Targeting, For removing Publishers, Assigning new Publisher, Disabling any Publisher's Link, Blocking unblocking any publisher or incase of any category change

  2. Advertiser: Get notifications when there is a new Signup, new addition, Login,  CSV upload, Advertiser's' Postback added/deleted/downloaded, Setting or Status related updates.

  3. Publisher: You can set up quick alerts for the publisher's new Sign up, addition, login, CSV upload, Postback changes (new Postback addition, removal, status update), Campaign access, publisher coupon added, any settings updated etc
  4. Invoice : Under the Invoice segment, you can start alerts for New Created, Paid, Approved and Deleted invoices.
  5. Team Members : Allow Customised alerts for Adding, Removing  Team members, also updates after changing and updating any member's role and access.

Bulk Changes Notification

  • In case you make changes as part of campaigns, advertisers or publishers it will be reflected as part of notifications in your panel
  • There will be an option as "Drill in" inside the notification which will tell you what all changes were made as part of bulk changes

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