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Adjust Report

This report will help you adjust your stats in the custom reports for conversions, clicks and impressions. There are times when you want to adjust (Add or Remove) some stats from your report. This report will not touch any of your original conversion, click or impression reports but will make adjustments to the custom report.


Reporting Attributes

  • Type - This will show the type of adjustment that you want. Currently, we offer Conversion, Click and impression
  • Report Date - The date on which you want to reflect these adjustments
  • Publisher and Campaign - This will show the publisher ID and Campaign ID to which these adjustments will apply
  • Goal - The name of any explicit goal to which you want to reflect these stats
  • Status - Whether it is active or inactive
  • Quantity - The amount/number you want to add or remove
  • Payout and Revenue - Payout and Revenue amount 
  • Created By - The account through which it was created

How to Create one?

  • Go to Actions -> New Report Adjustment
  • Enter the values such as the type, campaigns names, payout and revenue amount, date range, quantity, whether you want to add or remove and goal name

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