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Facebook CAPI Integration

Facebook Conversion API method allows advertisers to route Facebook users to their sites and apps, fire server-side conversion events (vs. standard cookie-based events), and then feed event info directly into the Facebook ad platform. Trackier has therefore created an easy integration to connect your campaigns to CAPI in a very efficient manner 


Steps to follow for Integration

Facebook Configuration

  • Login into the publisher Interface - You will find an integration named Facebook from the left control bar.

  • Furthermore, you would need to add a new configuration through the Actions button at the top right.

  • Enter Information -
    a) Add your business name
    b) Facebook App ID - You will be able to see that as part of the dashboard of your developer account

    c) Facebook App Secret - You can see this information inside Basic under the Settings option.

    d) Access Token - Go to the business account and select system users and generate a new token. Make sure to give access to "Ads read" while generating the token

Once this is done make sure to "Save" the settings 

Facebook Postback

  • You will find an option to "add Facebook Postback " in the Postback Section of your publisher interface. 

  • Once you click on it, you will be asked to provide details such as event type, data, and postback type which is Facebook. These details will be pre-filled for you. No need to make any changes to it.
  • Facebook event ID is completely optional. So this is just to avoid duplicate data. In case the duplicate data has been fired this macro will guide Facebook to ignore such data
  • Enter the campaign for which you want to set this postback and for which the ad campaign is running.

  • To generate the Facebook pixel you have to login into your Facebook business account. Under data sources, there will be an option for pixels.

  • Next is the action source which is essentially the conversion happening so it can be your own website or email or application or any other. These are pre-defined by Facebook.
  • Facebook Event - Type of event for which you are firing this conversion for. There is a pre-defined list and if you want you can create custom events as well. This implies that you would be required to just type in the event name and remember to type in the exact name with case-sensitive letters
  • If you want to pass some additional data to Facebook you do that via a custom event.

  • Facebook User data - "Facebook clid" is the essential data as part of this wherein the click ID is passed. These details will also be pre-filled, refrain from making any changes to these details. Since this will affect your tracking.

Incase you want edit your postback or you want to see the logs that is also feasible via the action part

In case you have any issues please mail us at support@trackier.com

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