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How to Generate Smart Link?
How to Generate Smart Link?

How to Generate Smart Link?

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At a Glance: This article provides valuable information on how to generate smart links for specific publishers in order to monetise your traffic.

After successfully adding the details for the smart link, you will need to generate the link for the designated publisher with changeable parameters.

The allowed publisher can also generate a smart link from the publisher interface by themselves.

Follow some simple steps to generate the Smart Link on your Trackier panel.

Where to find it?

You can generate the smart link by clicking on the 'Generate link' at the top right bar of the panel.

Smart Link on Trackier

How do I set up?

Add some details to extract the smart link for the corresponding publisher.

Smart Link on Trackier

  • Link Name: Enter the name that you have mentioned while adding the details of the smart link.

  • Publisher: Select the publisher for whom you want to generate the smart link.

  • Generated Link: A smart link will automatically appear in this area, and you can share the same with the publishers.

  • Optional Parameter: You can customize the link using the given parameters in this section based on your requirements.

    • 'Add Tracking Parameter' helps you add open parameters p1–p10 in the link. If you want to fire a postback to the publisher from the smart link traffic, take the publisher click ID in p1 parameter.

    • 'Add source' will add the source parameter in the link, and then the publisher can pass the sub-pub ID in that parameter.

    • 'Change tracking domain' gives you options to switch domains that you have added to the tracking link in your panel.

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