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FAQ's on Impression Tracking
FAQ's on Impression Tracking

Frequently asked questions on Impression Tracking

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Q1: What are impressions?

An impression is a metric that is used to calculate the total number of times any content is viewed. Generally, in layman's terms, it is described as the number of times an ad's content is viewed.

Keeping track of impressions is important because it lets the parties concerned keep track of the total number of times the ad was projected to potential customers or buyers. Impressions help you understand the performance of your social media campaign.

Q2: What is impression tracking?

Impression tracking is a way of figuring out the number of customers to whom the ad was projected; it also helps in understanding the campaign behavior, like who and from whom the campaign is being viewed in a wide range.

Q3: How to generate impression pixels?

  1. Select the campaign for which you want to enable impression tracking.

  2. Under the “Edit” tab of the “Settings” subsection, select the “Impression Tracking” tab.

  3. Enable “Allow Impressions” > “View Through Attributions.”

  4. Select the publisher’s ID for which you want to enable impression tracking.

  5. Fill in the advertiser’s impression tracking URL in the format below and click on save

impression tracking setup on trackier

Click on SAVE after filling in all the necessary details.

You may refer to the articles on Impression tracking and view through attribution to gather more information on the same.

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