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Trackier has launched a new feature that reduces the effort to create deeplinking again. For instance, you want to redirect the users to a particular webpage and do not want to add the deeplink to the tracking URL. In this case, you may use the deals functionality to add the redirection.

Pro Tip:

  • Deeplink and deals cannot be used together.

  • The same parameters and macros need to be appended to the tracking URL as configured for deeplink.

Deals Setup

To setup deals on your panel, go to the Coupon Codes+Deals section. On the action button, select Add New Deal. Enter all the required information, and the deal is ready to be embedded in the publisher tracking URL.

Add Deal Info

Please refer to the description of all the information required while creating Deals:

Name: Add the name of the deal as per your requirement

URL: This is the deeplink where you want the users to be redirected.

Campaign: Select the campaigns for which you want to create the deal.

Publisher: You may include or exclude certain publishers from this deeplink as per the requirement.

Description: This describes the purpose and KPI of the deal.

Start date and end date: This is an optional parameter that you may configure if you want this deeplink to function in a certain time range.

Status: If the status is active, then only the deal will be visible while generating the tracking URL.

After adding the above details, save the details, and the deal is ready to be used while generating a tracking URL.

Generate a tracking link.

While generating the tracking link for your publisher, select the checkbox for Deals and select the deeplink that you want to embed in the tracking URL.

Please make sure to add the relevant parameter and macro [&url={url}, &path={path}] in the campaign url if your advertiser is a network.

There is no need to add this to the campaign URL if the advertiser is a brand and not a network.

Share this URL with your publisher, and the traffic will be redirected to the specified deeplink.

Publisher Interface

While generating the tracking link for your campaign, select the checkbox for Deals and select the deal that you want to embed in the tracking URL.

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