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Track Multiple Conversions

Track Multiple Conversions

Updated over a week ago

At a Glance: This feature allows you to track and measure multiple conversions for your campaigns, giving you a more comprehensive understanding of your performance.

Tracking multiple conversions means that our system is able to identify and record multiple actions or interactions made by a customer on our platform. This can include purchases, sign-ups, clicks, or any other desired actions. By tracking these conversions, we are able to gain a better understanding of our customers behaviour and how they engage with our platform, which helps us make informed decisions about how to improve our services and user experience.

Options available for the tracking of multiple conversions:

  • Yes: Selecting this option will ensure that all conversions with the same click id are uniquely recorded.

  • Yes with Txn ID (Default): If you included the txn_id parameter in a postback and receive a unique id, you can easily track multiple conversions using the same click_id.

Note: Having a transaction id in this parameter (txn_id) is not mandatory. Your advertiser can also provide the timestamp or user ID, if necessary.

  • No (With same click ID different txn ID): If multiple transaction ids are associated with one conversion, it will be considered a single conversion.

  • No (With same txn ID): If the transaction id are same in the conversions, even with different click ids, it can be considered as a single conversion.

Note: Both the options of "No (with same click ID different txn ID)" and "No (with same txn ID)" are majorly utilized by clients in the igaming industry.

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